A big THANK YOU to these generous donors for helping us to sponsor the Alta Vista classrooms with a kindness book for each student on Valentine’s Day,  and support the Kindness Starts With Me program including a website for kids.

HIGH FIVE ($500 donation) goes to:

Judy Alexander, founder of Every Child Inc.

Theresa Commito

Tyler Dylan-Hyde, co-founder of The Advancing Compassion Project


THREE OF A KIND $300 Donation

Mark and Ruth-Ellen Wiersma


TWO OF A KIND $200 Donation

Judith Hall

Cynthia McCague

Robert Wincuinas



Ronelle Ashby

Shelley Bridge

Peter Cohn

David Coombs

Ellen and Bill Cornelius of “THE BLUE ROOSTER”

Florys at “J Flo Salon”

Peggy Fritschel

Lily Gelb

Michael Kallis

Diana Keck

Lisa Shenouda Koslow

Paula Quattrocelli

Adie and David Rubin

Tom Wentzel

Kay Zahn


50 Ways to be Kind ($50 donation)

Louise Aveni

Alec Vance and Leanna Breese

Hank and Elaine Koelmel

Barbara McManus

Debbie Millner

Martina and Mike Venz

Tom Wilson of Small Planet EBikes


“Shout out” for your kind contributions to the Kindness Program:

Dianne Chrismer, Jerah Coviello, Carol Christie, Lorraine DaDalt, Audrey Fallik, Linda Frary, Michael Glick, Deana Gozder, Paulette Handlesman, Ridley Hutchinson, Jennifer Mainey, Cat Martin, Wendy Maunu, Carolyn Mills-Meyer, Gary Morgan, Hector Muniz, Steve Nellis, Jane Keily Oder, Susan Peirce, Joyce and Stephen Platek, Shauna VanderHoek, Mary Wirth and Judy Wysnewski.


Check out our Facebook.com/kindnessstartswithme for more “Shout Outs” for our donors.