lc-girl holding heartMany hands and hearts were involved in this Kindness Starts With Me program at Alta Vista Elementary School.

A big thank you to the students of Alta Vista Elementary School! Your commitment to kindness and daily participation in “Kindness Starts With Me” inspires us to find ways that we too can make a positive difference.

I am grateful to Principal Dr. Barbara Shirley and Assistant Principal Dehea Smith, as well as, the teachers, educators, counselors, Nancy Cortez-Knapp and the Eagle’s Nest volunteers for fostering a community of caring. And a special thank you to Mrs. Charlene Colgan, Head of the Media Center, for your collaboration and support of the Kindness Starts With Me program.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with all of you and the students in planting and sowing seeds of kindness – a kindness lifestyle – that will, hopefully, last a lifetime.

There were numerous hands involved in the mounting the Kindness Quilts – profiles of kindness: A “shout out” for Ruth-Ellen Wiersma and Linda Frary, and other volunteers: Adie, Annie, Arlene, Cathy, Donna, Elizabeth, Hector, John, Kim, Kristen, Lynne, Mariana, Margaret, Mariana, Peggy, and MANY others. You are awesome!

And a gigantic THANK YOU to the kind and generous donors who supported this project and made it possible to purchase these books and to continue the Kindness Starts With Me program! You rock!


Gary Hall for his dedication of time and talent to creating the Kindness Starts With Me book.

Laurel Rund for designing a fabulous logo.

Julie Larson for creating the fantastic Kindness Starts With Me website.

Thank you to: for their generous donation of a portion of the printing for the books.

We love working with them!